Connection: Heart-to-Heart

I was speaking with a friend the other day about how things have changed since February. We agreed that we seem to be more fractured than ever with everyone’s beliefs all over the place. In the past, it seemed like we were solidly aligned with, say a political party, but now feel split between the ideas of each party. Even wondering who to vote for, which wasn’t questioned in the past.

At first, I was surprised, but more and more I’m finding less common ground with my closest friends. Nothing can be assumed any more. The issues that are dividing and separating us are caught up in strong emotions.

I hung up from our conversation with a feeling of sadness that we were drifting apart. The sense of connection seems to be diminished. It’s not the first time this has happened either. In the past six months, it’s occurred with several friends. I was left in each situation wondering if we would stay friends or not. And as I sat with the feeling of loss, loneliness, and isolation, I sensed a fragility to my relationships. I realized that I had, just like so many others, based my friendships on shared ideologies. I wouldn’t have ever said that was true, until the moment I had that insight.

Things are changing and relationships are shifting. This is another aspect of the breaking down that creates the space for something new to emerge. It came to me in a conversation with another friend that we are being called to go deeper. To not identify with our beliefs and be so emotionally invested in them that we see them as a foundation for connection. This is common knowledge to those of us on the spiritual path, but to live it is another thing entirely. There’s even a meditation practice in which we view our thoughts as clouds passing in the sky in order to realize that they aren’t who we are.

angel cloud

Of course, the ego doesn’t agree with that, but it seems as though the times are asking us to move beyond our old ways of being to something that is truer. If we can let go of what we think as defining our identity and embrace the heart and soul, then maybe we can unite and connect at a deeper level. Can we view those with different beliefs like eccentric family members who we love despite their eccentricities?

I was on the receiving end of that once. It was in a job where I felt different from those I worked with, but I had this sense that they loved me like a quirky aunt with unusual interests. It was such a nice feeling to be accepted as I was, not just accepted, I felt loved. Can we do that for everyone?

When we feel emotionally overwhelmed by someone else’s beliefs, can we question what story we are telling ourselves about the situation? Our emotions may be transformed by sitting with them, until we are in the heart. Sometimes, once we are in that space, we can see the situation anew and gather insights into what motivates the other.

I’m noticing with my friends that if we are able to withstand the differences between us, we are moving into a place of deeper love and connection with each other. It may be easier to begin to practice with our friends and family, then we might consider moving beyond them to those with strongly held opposing views. Not to determine who is right or wrong, but to love them exactly as they are, like an eccentric relative.

How else can we begin to bridge the divide and create more peace if not through a heart that unites? Yours and mine.

The Wizard Abdicates the Throne~

Photo by H. Bamper

When the Wicked Witch melts, the defensiveness dissolves. This is achieved through being present to all of the ways we protect and defend ourselves and others. As this happens, we become acutely aware of the many ways we give our power away and must repeatedly pull back our projections. The Witch is transformed at the exact moment when her qualities are needed by the heroine in order to proceed on her journey.

This means Dorothy integrates the energy of the Witch as she transmutes her fears into love. The group leaves the castle, intending to go see the Wizard in the Emerald City, which is the heart.  But, they have a small problem, since there isn’t a path to follow and so, they get lost. What do we do when we don’t know how to reach our destination?

We need a new perspective and new information. Dorothy calls on the Queen of the Field Mice for assistance, but she can’t help, since she’s too close to the earth, or the issue. The Queen tells Dorothy to use the cap she took from the Witch’s castle to call the King of the Winged Monkeys. The Witch’s gift is one of sight and clarity. Remember when the Witch in the movie looked into the crystal ball to see what was happening? Dorothy needs that expanded vision now in order to reach the Wizard.

The Queen of the Mice is close to the ground, while this King is of the sky. You might remember from the last post that the Winkies made gifts of silver and gold for Dorothy and friends, which represented the union of opposites. The polarities are transcended as they are encountered without judgment. A few of the dualities are the king and queen, above and below, male and female, inner and outer, etc. The travelers go from walking on the ground, to flying through the air, and reach the Emerald City in record time.

The group approaches the Wizard’s throne with shaky knees. There is an energetic shift as Dorothy takes back her power when she admits to melting the Witch. At the beginning of the story, she felt like an innocent bystander when her house landed on the first Witch. But now she knows this Witch was transformed by her. She takes ownership of what she has done and what she’s capable of doing herself.

Dorothy and her friends stand before the Wizard’s throne as Toto draws back the curtain to reveal the truth. The dog represents an instinctual knowing about what to do. Dorothy can finally see that the power behind the throne is just an ordinary man. She thought the Wizard could fulfill her wishes, and make her dreams come true, but she realizes that she was wrong. This Wizard doesn’t have any power at all.

Over and over, in myth, fairy tale, and religion, the feminine must take her power back from every single place she has projected it and see the truth. Toto, an instinctual awareness, parts the veil. Who have we given our power to? Who do we believe can make our dreams come true? And fulfill our deepest wishes? Who do we see as having power over us? Who or what does our happiness depends on? What have we been conditioned to think our happiness depends on that is outside of us?

The Wizard confesses, abdicates the throne, and admits that he’s just a man who can’t give them what they want. The masculine, which is the energy of action, doing, and going, is not the way to achieve the desired outcome. We might think that in order to get home, Dorothy needs to do something, take more action, but that’s not the way.

Since the group isn’t yet ready to let go of the old belief that an external source is required to get what they want or need, the Wizard plays along. He tells them that they already have what they want and don’t need some outer acknowledgment or validation, but they won’t listen. Then the Wizard departs and once again Dorothy discovers that she’s no closer to home than before she melted the Witch. But several things of importance have occurred besides the Wizard stepping down from the throne.

The Lion accepts that he has courage, the Tin Man opens his heart, and the Scarecrow can finally utilize his brains, in conjunction with intuitive knowing. These qualities along with the instinct of Toto and the empowerment of Dorothy are necessary for her to reach her destination. In wholeness we already have all that we need.

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Why Dreams Matter~


We are visited each night, by strangers and friends, menacing or friendly, in dream after dream. We may be in a childhood home, fly, visit exotic lands, breathe under water as we swim deep beneath the sea, go far into outer space, and explore alternate realities. I once stood in the bathroom of a NYC apartment and looked in the mirror as I got ready to go out clubbing. I was perplexed though, since the woman in the mirror wasn’t me, nor did I live in NYC.

Night after night, throughout an entire lifetime, dreams faithfully arrive without fail. A companion through life’s trials and tribulations, joys and successes, births and deaths. They prepare us for all of it. Sometimes they make us feel happy and uplifted, while at other times we are disturbed. Why are we dreaming?

The explanation I see most frequently, besides they don’t mean anything, is that it’s our brain processing the events of the day. Like a master organizing system, processing, sorting, and filing away information. Well, after twenty-five years of working with dreams, I’d say, not quite.

I have explored thousands of dreams, my own, those of friends, family, and clients. I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are of great significance. Not only to us, but also to the world. They have the capacity to transform our lives, and as a result of our own inner changes, the collective.

Our dreams address every aspect of life. They concern our physical health, body perception, exercise routines, diet, and wellness. My dreams turned me into a vegetarian by repeatedly exposing me to food in a way that turned my stomach. One had a melted half-gallon of ice cream sitting in the kitchen sink. All of the ingredients had separated into something like foam, oil and water. That was the end of eating ice cream on a regular basis. They slowly encouraged me to be a vegetarian and then a vegan.

I had dreams of herbal remedies and since I know very little about herbs, I would look them up to see what they were for. The dreams were always right. I’d even dream of flowers and research the remedy associated with them and it was always exactly what I needed.

The dreams revealed a gift in the arts to me at the age of thirty. I was perplexed as I began dreaming repeatedly of art classes, since I didn’t have any talent. After taking a few classes, as the dreams suggested, the instructors were telling me that I had a gift for painting and sculpture. That was a huge surprise to me. Any time I would veer off the path, the dreams would guide me back to it. They also suggested I write poetry, teach, and be an author.

Psychologically, dreams are concerned about our relationships with others and ourselves. Any emotional issues that are not being addressed in waking life can appear to be resolved. The reason for this is that when the emotions don’t flow, they reinforce certain patterns of behavior, and create blocks in our energy. In the interest of greater health, they surface the issues so we can heal them. Projections, repressions, and any challenges with others can show up. They will reveal the ways we see ourselves, limiting beliefs, and if we are out of alignment with our true selves and love. When our fears surface, we can transform them, and open our hearts to embody greater love.

Dreams can share past life information if they are impacting our current lives. The patterns that appear are being replicated in some area of life. These dreams may be quite dramatic, but once the emotions are processed, the fear dissolves and peace arises. This is how we break the cycle of repeating patterns in our lives from this lifetime and those that have been carried over from other lifetimes.

I am frequently asked why we have nightmares. Of course, I can’t know for sure, but what I have found most often, is that the dream just wants to make us aware of something. We can view it as similar to feeling pain in the body, which just means that it’s trying to get your attention. The more severe the sensation, the more quickly you work to resolve the discomfort. These dreams are usually frightening because we look at them with the logical, rational, waking-mind, which most frequently sees literally. So, since dreams aren’t meant to be taken literally, we look at it symbolically. Then, as we uncover the message, the fear usually dissipates, and the dreamer is often delighted about the true meaning of the “nightmare.”

The rule of thumb with nightmares is that they usually don’t mean what you think they mean. That statement has saved many dreamers from unnecessary anxiety. For example, a death dream is often about transformation, like the caterpillar dies for the butterfly to emerge.

Spirituality is an important theme in dreams as well, as they break down the beliefs we’ve been taught that aren’t true or are limiting. We can meet spiritual teachers, learn spiritual truths, attend classes, visit alternative realities, and have spiritual experiences. These dreams reveal the deeper meanings of life to us as they attempt realign us with the soul.

The source of the dream contains a wisdom that is greater than our waking consciousness. They help us night after night by sharing personal information about how we can embody our fullest potential. They are guiding us to our purpose, greater health, well-being, and passion in all areas of life. We are here to thrive and the dreams are showing  us how to transform ourselves, and our lives, to make the world a better, more loving place for us all.

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Order and Harmony in Times of Chaos~

Swallowtail Butterfly by Heather Bamper

When a caterpillar is in the chrysalis, what it was dissolves. Once the butterfly forms, it is ready to emerge. The wings expand and harden, as it prepares for flight. The entire process is hidden from view, since the everything takes place inside the chrysalis. This is how the new appears in the outer world, as a response to interior shifts. First, the old breaks down and then the new is constructed out of the remains of what used to be. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

The parallels are obvious to our current times. When we are aware of the actual steps in the process of a transformation, then we don’t have to be so afraid. Okay, well, it can still be challenging to remain confident and certain amidst such uncertainty, but it might help to at least remember that this is the way change occurs.

David Bohm writes about an implicate order that underlies the seemingly chaotic nature of creation. In my understanding of his writings, as a novice, he is suggesting that it’s just a matter of scale. When we are close up and looking at the details, things can appear random, but as we step back and scale up, then the patterns and order emerges. In this instance I would say that time can serve as the scaling method for seeing order as well as distance.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you might have thought that these posts are random and disconnected. I admit, I would have been hard pressed to tell you what was emerging, since I write from inspiration. But I am noticing that there actually is an underlying order to them and that they are elucidating and exploring this new consciousness that is unfolding. Pieces from movies, stories, religion, and experiences are starting to form a pattern as time is giving me a new perspective.

I’ve noticed the implicate order theory in some recent documentaries I’ve seen, like The Biggest Little Farm. Initially, the focus was on rebuilding the depleted soil, which is the foundation for everything. It has to be rich and nutrient dense in order for the plants to thrive. Then, they proceeded to plant a great diversity of trees, vegetables, and fruits. The farmers brought in domesticated animals like ducks, dogs, a pig, chickens, and cows. Finally, they created an environment that was amenable to wildlife and worked to adjust things until the entire farm co-existed in a seamless harmony. It was quite beautiful to witness the pieces falling into place.

This farm is a model for where we are going and what’s being created. In the beginning, the guy on the farm was really concerned about how he and his wife, along with a few helpers, were going to manage a farm with such diversity. But, what he noticed, as time went on, was that nature was helping them. The variety made it much easier to tend the farm because they weren’t doing it alone. Nature was their partner in the manifestation of balance and harmony on the farm.

We are creating a world that is sustainable when we are able to replicate this model in our lives. I’m still working on the details of how this can be lived, but believe that the implicate order is the foundational love upon which all of life exists. It is the soil, the soul upon which we and the world are formed. Therefore, the soul also must be nourished like the soil because it is the filter through which everything is created. The quality of what comes from that ground of being is enhanced by the peace and the clarity of the love that the actions arises from.

As I’ve written before, symbolism is a unitary language of wholeness, which is in alignment with the perspective on that farm. All of life is on the same side, with wild  and domestic animals living in harmony with the production of food. We’ve been taught to be afraid of what we don’t know and think we can’t control, but we can open ourselves to other possible ways of operating in the world and see that there are viable alternatives.

We can explore the idea of how to create greater balance and harmony in our lives, families, communities, and the world. If we perceive ourselves as all being on the same side, then we can work together in the emergence of a beautiful world in which all life is honored and valued. We must become something entirely different ourselves though, and the way to that inner change is through our own transformation. As I frequently write, the dreams can be a guide to this new world.

Like the caterpillar, we can trust the implicate order of wholeness that exists behind what we see as we surrender our old ways of being. Then, we may become what we truly are, free like the butterfly to thrive in an amazing and beautiful harmonious world.


Pamela Alexander, PhD helps dreamers cultivate the wisdom of their dreams as a way to navigate life, find deeper meaning and purpose. Email to schedule a free consultation to see how dreams can enrich your life.

9-11 Symbolism in 2020 (Part 1)


As a depth psychologist, I’ve often wondered about the symbolism of September 11, 2001. I work with interpretations of dreams and stories all the time, and occasionally, like the posts I did about Notre Dame, an event of cultural significance captures my attention. I’ve been pondering that fateful day in New York City for years, but I always felt like I couldn’t quite put all of the pieces together. Friends would encourage me to write about my perspective on the subject and now I finally feel I have a fuller grasp of the event.

Like most people, I remember that day like it was yesterday. The phone rang. It was my (then) husband calling from work. He said, “turn on the television,” knowing without asking that it wouldn’t be on. I asked, “why?” and he repeated, “just turn it on.” As the image came on the screen, he began, “a plane hit the world trade center.” But I was confused because I saw the building on the screen and it was fine. I said, “No, it hasn’t been hit, it’s,” and before I could finish the sentence I watched the plane hit. “Oh my God,” and I crumbled to the floor.

I was in an art gallery during a trip to California about a year later. The artist’s son was showing me around when he said, “Hey, look at this,” and led me into another room. The lights on the ceiling illuminated a sofa-sized painting of New York City. He asked if I noticed anything unusual and as I said no, he pointed to the twin towers. “Look at the clouds,” he suggested. There in the clouds was an angel with her arms stretched out on either side of the towers. “She painted it before September 11.”

Two of the planes hit the Twin Towers, one crashed into the Pentagon, and one went down in western Pennsylvania. In NYC the focus was the center of “world trade,” which fell, meaning it symbolically suggests a shift in commerce from being patriarchal and ego-centered to a more matriarchal earth-based, nature-honoring system. This might be perceived as a change from large corporations, like hotels, taxi companies, and factory farms, to smaller companies and individuals, like organic farmers with CSA’s, and those on Uber, Etsy, Udemy, and Airbnb.

A tall building, or tower, is considered a phallic symbol that would be associated with the patriarchy and hierarchical structures. In the Tower tarot card, the tower is stuck by lightening (planes), catches fire, and is breaking apart. It’s considered a card of destruction, but also liberation. It suggests a movement from the ego and intellect to the heart and into the body. Coming down to earth from high in the sky.

When someone has a dream of flying, that echoes one of the possible interpretations. We ask if the dreamer has an inflated ego and needs to come down to earth. You might be noticing the uncanny parallels to our current time about now.

The NYC memorial consists of two large black square fountains, with water that doesn’t shoot up into the sky (phallic again), but falls into the darkness of the earth. Now we see there is the movement from up and out to down and into the unknown. Squares are symbols of earth and the four elements. Nearby are the remains of a spherical metal sculpture that survived the event, which is wholeness, and the two combined are wholeness embodied.

Embodied wholeness is the exact opposite of consumerism, because the sense that something is missing, or I always need more, is resolved. There is a contentment that arises when we connect to the inner truth of wholeness and realize we don’t need to endlessly consume to make ourselves enough. The fulfillment that we have been conditioned to believe will come from more outer “stuff” is now discovered within.

There is also a white building on the memorial site called the “Oculus.”

An “oculus” is an architectural element that is usually found at the top of a rotunda in a Romanesque church.  It’s thought of as the eye of God. The place where God looks in to see the congregation. But at the NYC memorial, the oculus is now on the ground. When you are in the building and look up, there is a strip of glass that runs the entire length of the building. It’s as though you are in the eye that is starting to open and look up towards the sky. This symbolizes an awakening, a shift, since God used to look down from above, but the divine is now looking up from below, or from within. Again, this refers to an embodiment of spirit.

As you might remember from an earlier post this year, the symbolism of the year 2020 suggests that we will get a clear vision for the future. This may tie the oculus to this year and the events to now. I never could quite figure out when all of this would happen, meaning that the shift would take place in a more significant way. And as I have said before, this isn’t science, and reading the symbols of the culture merely points to  possibilities.

What all of this suggests is that we can find hope in the midst of the chaos of change when we have a vision to carry us through. The symbols in NYC point to a shift from ego to heart, which means we are embodying wholeness. It can be scary when we are faced with this level of transformation, but we can rest assured that there is a greater plan unfolding. The current way we are living isn’t sustainable, we were meant to thrive. One way that you can be an active participant is to lean in, look in, and listen to your dreams for personal guidance.

We all have a part to play in this transformation. In this shift from ego to heart, from consumer to giving and sharing our divinely inspired gifts with the world, we are united. Humanity is the one body, growing and evolving together on this planet. The dreams and symbols will guide us home to the embodied wholeness that’s the truth of who we are.

Pamela Alexander, PhD helps dreamers cultivate the wisdom of their dreams as a way to navigate life and find deeper meaning. Email to schedule a free consultation to see how dreams can enrich your life.



Melting the Wicked Witch~


The Wicked Witch guards her domain fiercely. Her territory is the heart. She’s been hurt before and operates in defend and protect mode, fight or flight, warding off any and all possibilities of any discomfort, vulnerability, or pain. Always prepared, she’s come up with many ways to keep others at a distance so that she can remain safe.

The Witch attacks others and pushes them away with anger, criticism, and judgment. She lashes out (in her mind or vocally) before anyone gets a chance to do anything to her and drives them away. On her own, or in an alliance with those who have similar beliefs, she judges others as wrong, in order to be right and feel better about herself. Her feelings of inferiority make her put others down, focus on their flaws, and be critical. She may have adopted this way of operating in her family as a way to avoid the discomfort of feeling inadequate and protect herself from the pain of their judgment.

It would be easy to think of her, and those who are like her, as negative and unkind, but she didn’t choose this method of interacting with others, it’s a survival mechanism. When we know that she adopted this strategy because of her familial view of the nature of the world, we may open our hearts to her with the love and compassion that has been unknown to her.

We can see this defensive stance most obviously and easily in politics today. If we find ourselves in a conversation where “we are right and they are wrong,” then we can explore our motivations. When we align with like-minded people and see those who have different beliefs than ours as the “other,” we are creating a boundary of separation between us. When we are critical, or angry, we are making the other an enemy, as if they were somehow on the other side. But it’s only an imaginary boundary that exists within the mind and isn’t real.

Einstein felt the perspective one had of the universe as either friendly or hostile was of supreme importance. It’s easy to see that the Wicked Witch believes everyone is an enemy. As long as we are in judgment, critical, or in defend and protect mode, then we are projecting our sense of inadequacy. Our dreams may reflect this when we wake up with feelings of fear and that we aren’t safe. If we are critical of others, then we are probably acting harshly towards ourselves as well.

As Dorothy and friends approach the castle, the Witch tries everything in her power to get them to stop. She sends the Winkies and Flying Monkeys, but her old methods don’t work on this day, which is why Dorothy and the Lion end up as prisoners in her castle.

This way of operating in fight or flight mode began as a youngster for the Witch and has been reinforced throughout her life. No doubt she has a lot of reasons to be as she is, but she prevents the heart from being open, and so her fear must be faced in order to be transformed. The way to do this is to become aware of all the ways we see our fellow human beings as other than ourselves and sit with the discomfort. We can become aware of those who scare us and see where we feel it in our bodies. We can bring our full awareness to the feeling or sensation and just be with it. Allow and accept it. Sit with it until it dissipates. It may take a moment, or multiple attempts to resolve the discomfort.

Eventually though, if we persist, the Wicked Witch will melt. Unlike the celebratory nature of her demise in the story, we can be grateful for her. She meant well, wanting to protect us from harm and keep us safe. But the day we decide we want to open our hearts and love more, and be a more peaceful resident in this world, is the day we have to face her. When we see that our defensive tendencies are like a wall that keeps others at a distance, and we want to fearlessly engage with all of life, then we will begin the process of melting the emotions that have been frozen and gone unfelt throughout the years.

This is a critical moment in the story, maybe the most important one at that. The death of the Witch changes so much. Initially, Dorothy didn’t think she could stand up to the Witch, but she does. The Winkies, who were the Witch’s prisoners, are freed when she dies, and give Dorothy and her friends presents. These gifts combine silver and gold, which symbolizes the union of lunar and solar, or feminine and masculine energies. It’s a significant transformation in consciousness once the defenses are relaxed. When the Wicked Witch melts, the heart opens, and a shift takes place.

The center of gravity for the psyche has moved from the ego to the heart and soul. This is really what the journey was about and what life is about. The Lion’s courage becomes available at the death of the Witch, which means there is now an ability to be vulnerable and freely live from a place of open-hearted authenticity. When we create inner peace and open to love, then the world becomes a friendly place for all.


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The Emergence of a Perfect Vision ~ 2020


As a depth psychologist, I look at symbols to discern deeper meanings and patterns, most often in the psyche, but also in the culture. Symbols can come to us as images, numbers, animals, dreams, or unusual occurrences that appear in our daily lives to inform us about where we are in terms of evolving consciousness.

What can we expect this year? This isn’t a prediction, and since symbols don’t have only one rigid meaning, it’s merely let’s say, a possibility.

Most of us know that 2020 is a standard term used for perfect vision. That said, what it may be pointing to is an experience this year of greater understanding, seeing more clearly where we are going, and receiving a vision for a future of integration and harmony.

We may receive a vision in a dream of a potential, but then we have to go through the process of breaking down the old paradigms, beliefs, and ways of being that limit us and keep us from embodying the visionary dream. We can also see this in stories like in the Wizard of Oz when the tornado carries Dorothy away from the desolate Kansas prairie and deposits her in Munchkinland. It is during this inner vision that she sees what is possible for Kansas and herself, but then she has to make the journey in order to transform herself and make the vision her reality. She is clearing away any fears that keep her from embodying the potential of an aligned heaven and earth.

I’ve written before about some of these things including learning to balance the energies we often refer to as masculine and feminine, as well as the inner and outer, above (heaven) and below (earth). This suggests the possibility of, at least a vision of what a reconciliation of the polarities that currently divide us could look like. This separation occurs when we perceive life through the lens of the ego that separates instead of the heart, which unites. That’s the first step, but once they are balanced, they must be integrated, which removes any trace of separation or duality.

Jesus spoke to this unity when he suggested the need for the singularity of the eye, which dissolves judgment. The symbol of which is the eclipse in which solar and lunar consciousness are united, the result of which is a rebirth. Another example is when Mary Magdalene stood at the foot of the cross, symbolizing the union of the vertical (spiritual) and horizontal (worldly) axes, and witnessed their union. When the old form of Jesus on the cross dies, the veil is rent asunder, revealing the holy of holies, which is the revelation of the divinity within a human.

Where do these visions come from and how do we receive them? The land of dream, story, and intuition are the wholistic realm of the right-brain, the feminine, and the inner world Dorothy taught us to traverse in her journey to Oz. We can’t find visions in a world that is an outpicturing of the seeds we have sown in the past, which is why we require inner visions to discern what’s possible for the future.

The more we are able to listen to and follow the inner guidance, visions, dreams, and intuitions, the more we learn to trust what comes to us from that realm and believe in their validity. Those visions are what can sustain us as the old breaks down. Like Lot’s wife, it helps us to be able to witness the falling apart, while remaining rooted in the knowing that good is being revealed through the destruction. That is what gives us the strength and sustains us through the uncertainty of giving birth to a new story.

We can see what is happening now, what is close at hand, but many of us struggle with a future that is unknown. As we begin to discern a clear vision, through the feminine ways of knowing, our fears will subside and our hearts will open. Our courage will grow as we see the evidence of something new emerging. As the old falls apart, it opens the way to see more of the manifestation of that new vision and new story.




Seeking Independence from an Old Story

america ancient architecture art
Photo by Pixabay on

We stand on the brink of an epochal shift in consciousness. Just as our forefathers stood on the steps of Independence Hall and proclaimed their independence from their Father, the King of England, we are on the cusp of a historically significant moment. Our forefathers sought freedom by the sword. Our freedom will not come by way of the warrior and fear, but by the cup of truth and love.

When the immigrants streamed by boat toward Ellis Island, they were greeted by a majestic woman who stood erect holding the flaming torch high to welcome them. Their hearts were beating in unison of their desire for a new life in the new world. Lady Liberty held the Declaration of Independence in her other hand, with broken chains at her feet, and a halo around her head. The goddess knew and illuminated the way to freedom. She was in the world, but not of it.

The French gave us the Statue of Liberty because they felt a kinship with our revolutionary spirit. Once they saw the ravages of their war, they no longer felt that was the way to freedom. The oppressed moved into power and in turn became the oppressors. The artist of our Lady wanted to make sure there weren’t any traces of the warrior present in her image or countenance, as there were in the familiar Delacroix painting of Liberty Leading the People.

The inner structure of the statue of Libertas is iron, the metal that is associated with Mars, the god of war. The outer surface of the statue is copper, which relates to Venus, the goddess of love. In mythology, the two unite and some stories suggest the product of that union was Eros, the god of love. The Statue is of a woman and although the foundational structure that holds her up is associated with Mars, whom we know as the god of war, he was originally the god the pagans worshiped in the spring when planting seeds.

The Romantics also recognized the French Revolution was tragic and decided to attempt a revolution with their pens instead. In the sixties, revolution was again the buzzword, as the movement attempted to transform the warrior spirit, encourage equality, and open to greater love. And now, we are facing this pivotal moment once again. The times are calling us to reorient ourselves from our heads and egos, to our hearts and souls. The way is not through a gun, or at the point of a sword, through power over, or by the few, but through the heart, which is reached through a feminine consciousness, as the Statue of Liberty so beautifully symbolizes.

We need to leave the fear-based house of our forefathers. This house built on conflict must be replaced by one constructed on a foundation of equality, peace, and love. This transformation begins within us and then our actions in the world will arise from the ground of stillness. We must set down our swords, face the inner conflict that’s being enacted all around us, and walk a new path to freedom. The time of the warrior has passed. Now is the time for a new world based on a foundation of Love to be born.

We are the people our forefathers wrote about. It’s up to us to bring the inherent value of all people to consciousness through ourselves and then bring our inspired creations into the world to transform others. Then, the legacy we leave for our children will not be a world of fear and war, nor even one of hope, but a future we know is bright and filled with love.

Notre Dame and Sophia (Part 2)

Like the zero point at Notre Dame in Paris, the divine feminine represents the still point, the center from which all life springs. The eclipse upon which she stands, is the place from which life emerges. Not from the past, but from deeply within this moment, it is brought forth from the unknown to the known, through the gateway of the soul, into creation. New life flows from the heart of all-that-is in purity, peace, and love.

Sophia – Woman from Revelation

Several years ago I spent Christmas in San Antonio. We sat in a festive church listening to the mesmerizing beauty of a pipe organ playing carols a few days before the holiday. People were flowing in, lighting a candle for Mother Mary at a side altar, and drifting out again. We got up and exited through a side door. As we approached the curb, a man began calling from behind us. “Senorita! Senorita!” I turned around as he took the elbow of the woman behind me and began to steer her toward the back of the church. Without thinking about what I was doing, I turned and followed them. They went through an opening in a high wall behind the church. And there was a statue of the woman from Revelation, in a walled garden, hidden behind the church.

As I later reflected on the experience, I got the message that she didn’t want to be outside of the church any more, which of course is what brings us to Notre Dame. In my last post I wrote about how the fire was a cleansing of the old view of the feminine in Christianity, which created the way for something new to emerge.

I believe the woman from Revelation is Sophia (Greek for Wisdom). In Proverbs 8:22,  “The Lord created me at the beginning of his work (or “way,” scholars aren’t sure of the word.)…” Many of the people I’ve spoken with have not ever heard of her. When I explain, they’re astonished.

She continues on in Proverbs 8:32 asking us to listen to her, watch for her, wait for her, “For he who finds me finds life.” You would think this might be a major subject in religion, since she is the way to life. The philosophers (philo=lover, sophia=wisdom) of old spent their lives seeking a relationship with her in order to cultivate wisdom.

We live in a culture that is oriented around a patriarchal religion in which God is a male supreme being and the feminine is, um, let’s say, less than. In order for a new paradigm to emerge in which she is elevated to equal status with the masculine, we need a new vision of our religious foundation. I’m not talking about rewriting the Bible, but about looking at it with new eyes. Like the fact that Sophia is already there and says she’s been here since before the Earth was created.

This isn’t just about changing our view of religion, but it impacts us all personally as well. Why? Because the world in it’s current conflicting chaos is freaking a lot of us out. The future appears frightening at best and catastrophic at worst. Young people are in a chronic state of distress over their future and who can blame them. The old way isn’t working. We all need to rise to the occasion and turn to the divine feminine to learn how to live in a new way and what our part is in that new world.

Anyone who has been following me for any length of time knows that I’ve been on this path of inquiry for a while now. I feel this deep longing within. A calling to step up and do what I can to help discover a new narrative in which embodied love is the ground upon which we stand. There is no doubt in my mind that Sophia steered me to the walled garden behind that San Antonio church because she wanted me to write about her being done with the old story. Now is the time. She is emerging from the unconscious, coming out from the dark shadows of the church into the light, and she wants to be in a relationship with us.



Notre Dame is Burning: Clearing the Way for a New Emergence

Zero Point – Paris By Dietmar Rabich, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The live stream of Notre Dame on fire was at the top of my Facebook newsfeed on April 15. My stomach sank as the tears began streaming down my face. I remembered the awe and wonder I felt on that day so many years ago when I first visited the cathedral.

I went downstairs and turned on CNN. Wolf Blitzer was speaking with a Parisian reporter as she stood near the burning church. But, I was having trouble hearing her, because my attention was being drawn to the faint sound of singing in the background. I strained to listen past her words, longing for her to stop talking. Wolf obviously felt the same way. He asked her to be quiet and to turn the camera toward the crowd. Their song arose, in unison, in harmony, their grief palpable in their sombre voices. My hair stood on end as I watched the cathedral dedicated to Our Lady burn.

I couldn’t stop weeping. Like others I heard speak with Wolf, I was caught off guard by my tears. Some grief was triggered deep inside that my mind couldn’t quite comprehend. We watched orange flames dance against the black night sky. The French wept and we wept with them. Their loss somehow also felt like ours. It was coming to our attention that we cared more than we knew and prayed, regardless of our religious affiliations, for the building to stand strong. For the towers to hold fast to those bells and not let them go. For the art to be saved.

Once the tears passed, as a depth psychologist, searching for meaning in the seemingly meaningless, and sense in the senseless, I sat quietly to learn what I could. The fire was a cleansing of the inside of the church, and we were witnessing, like Lot’s wife, the destruction of an outdated view of the feminine in Christianity. We were mourning the loss of something we couldn’t name, believing this was a tragedy, afraid we were losing an important icon to the feminine.

We have witnessed the inner destruction of the old version of the feminine in Christianity. And now…

The space has been created, within an old religious structure, for something new to be built. A fresh state of consciousness is emerging as an old story is transforming, and the divine feminine is rising right into the heart of Christianity. Where?

The words of the French ambassador came back to me. He told Wolf, as the cathedral burned, the zero point of Paris is right in front of Notre Dame. It’s the center point from which everything in Paris, and even France, is measured. Right there, in the heart of the City of Love, a new divine feminine is coming to consciousness.

We’ve witnessed the Assumption of Mary as an honoring of the mother of Jesus. Then there was the elevation of Mary Magdalene as the bride, mother, and heir to the spiritual legacy of Jesus. What then is coming to consciousness now? The transformation of the stories of the Marys has paved the way for the next version of the story.

It’s taken me until now to grasp the full significance of what is emerging.

I can see from my own dreams and symbolic work that that in order to shift from the physical to the spiritual, and a new story, that we must transform our perception of what we are. If we experience ourselves as defined by the body, then we remain caught in duality and separation. The correlation is that Mary is the mother, but Jesus said, he was in the world, not of it. If we see ourselves as embodied spiritual beings, which is what he was referring to, then we identify with the transcendent aspect of ourselves, the ground of our being. Then, the spiritual mother of Jesus is the divine feminine, Sophia.

As such, the new story for Notre Dame, the cathedral dedicated to Our Lady, Our Mother, is centered on Sophia, Wisdom. The divine feminine is being elevated to a place of equality with the Father. She is the Holy Spirit in the Trinity–Father, Mother, and Christ–and must be returned to her rightful place as the Mother of All.

I am standing on a huge map of the state I was born in. I’m pointing to where the capital is and say, “That’s where I was born.” I walk away and encounter another guy. He looks at me and throws and eclipse at me. It hits me between the eyes.

I awake from the dream feeling perplexed. As I process the dream I realize I’m being told that I wasn’t born in the physical world, but it was a spiritual union that gave birth to me. Not the story of me, but to the essence that is the truth of who I am, the ground of my being. When I researched the eclipse and sixth chakra, I discovered that it was associated with birth.

The cleansing fire of Notre Dame was witnessed by the world. It’s deeper meaning was intuited by the soul, which is why the tears fell for so many of us. The space has been created for a the emergence of a new story of Sophia, the divine feminine. A seed has been planted at the Zero Point in the City of Love. We all are being called to play a part in remembering and resurrecting unconditional love and returning to an awareness of the sanctity of all life.