A New Language for a New Worldview.


I sat in the theater watching the new movie Arrival with tears streaming down my face. I had been thinking since working on my dissertation about the birth of a new world. I knew it required a new language, but couldn’t seem to get beyond just knowing that, to understanding what it meant. In the movie they said when you immerse yourself in a new language you take on a new world view. The language in the movie was universal and not based in duality.

As part of my dissertation I explored some of the old Biblical stories as though they were dreams and discovered new meanings. One of the changes was an understanding that there never was a Fall. It became clear to me that changing our view of the old stories can change our perspective. It widens and deepens possible meanings to what we have been told. What impact does an inclusive language have as opposed to a dualistic one?

That statement alone reveals how inherent duality is in our language, since one is opposed to the other. In a language based on opposites, and opposition, there is tension and conflict. I worked on a dream with a friend yesterday and we talked about the tension of opposites that occurs in resistance. Once we soften that resistance, accept the resistance, and allow it, the resistance lessens and an integration can occur.

A dualistic perspective creates a worldview based on separation. This or that, us or them, defend and protect, victim and aggressor, good and evil. What would a different perspective mean to how we live and perceive the world? What would there be to fear if we saw the world as one that is good?

This isn’t a Pollyanna attitude in which we focus on and only affirm the “good,” and ignore the “bad,” but one in which we don’t judge anything one way or the other. An old Hermetic saying attributed to Hermes Trismegistus is, “As within, so without, as above, so below.” One possible meaning to this is that what we see in the outer world mirrors our inner world. The above and below may refer to a correlation between the spiritual and the physical, like Jesus’ comment that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

If we accept the possibility that the outer reflects the inner, then what we perceive as other is some aspect of ourselves. When we are activated by what we encounter, it merely points to the places where we are out of harmony with the unitary principle. A place where we fall into separation. When we stop resisting something, our relationship to it changes. When we aren’t afraid, we can approach life with open curiosity and just witness what arises within us.

The soul is a witness

A post-exilic wonder

That stands firm and unshaken

Among the far-strewn rubble…

We can root ourselves in the inner stillness and silence and witness the transformation. When we stand in the truth of our being, undaunted by what falls apart, then something new can be born. I once heard that the caterpillar liquefies in the cocoon. That would be a total breakdown of the old constricting worldview. When the old way of perceiving ourselves and our world falls apart. Then, once the old has turned to rubble, an entirely new way of being, way of life, and a new self can emerge. A new language will be required to describe an entirely new world.



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