Deep in the Heart of the Cocoon.


Where do we get the visions with which to shape our lives?

DREAM: Deep in the heart of the cocoon.

I awoke from the dream with the sense that I was in a space of deep transformation. Eventually, I had another related dream in which I followed a yellow and black butterfly as it flew through the house.

These dreams caused me to ponder…

What if you were a caterpillar and spent your days crawling on the tree you were born on eating green leaves? That would be the extent of your world and life. If you saw a butterfly, would you know that was your future? Do caterpillars dream of being butterflies? Do butterflies communicate with caterpillars? Would a caterpillar even believe the butterfly? Do caterpillars hear stories from other caterpillars? And what about us?

If we’re caterpillars, living with other caterpillars, then is it possible to know we can become butterflies? What is the human equivalent of the butterfly? The picture of what is possible may elude us. Some of us do have visions for our future, but often they have emerged from the ego.

Dreams reveal visions of what is possible for our lives that are far beyond the conception of the ego. Dreams break down limitations that inhibit our embodiment of a greater reality. They expand our sense of who we are and what we may become. They reveal what is keeping us from realizing our true nature. They assist us in every conceivable way and address all aspects of our lives.

The dream source has the visions necessary to awaken us to life as a butterfly and guides us toward that destination. If we are willing to listen and follow the dreams, we can raise our conscious awareness of our own transformation.


One thought on “Deep in the Heart of the Cocoon.

  1. Wendi Hill

    Based on our conversation today, you would have believed that I had already read this blog! Synchronicity at its finest 🙂 I recently wrote about the concept of deep listening and its role as a precursor to genuine dialogue. I wrote about listening so deeply that, as Carl Faber said, it is as if the other person’s blood was flowing in your own veins. It makes me wonder if that is precisely what is happening between the caterpillar and the butterfly. Is this the kind of communication they experience with one another that precedes transformation? Does the caterpillar dream in butterfly’s language?

    As you know, I am completely aligned with you as to the transformational power of dreams. They can provide visions of the future, the work it will take to get there, and a call to action–if we are willing to listen deeply and take them seriously. Dreams can also provide important warnings along the way, too. Perhaps dreaming contains the butterfly language we all need to learn through regular visits to the imaginal realm.

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