A Radical Shift: Seeing Women as Powerful.

Eve-Mother of All

We turned CNN on when the women were marching in Washington. I wasn’t interested in going until my friend Teresa texted me. She said, “Do you see what’s happening in Washington? The feminine is rising.” As I read her text, my hair stood on end. I was surprised I hadn’t seen it myself, since almost all of my work is with symbolism. Within an hour my bag was packed and we were on our way to Washington…

The Wonder Woman movie is doing incredibly well at the box office. The comment I have seen most frequently is that of moviegoers who are perplexed about their own tears during the battle scenes. The sight of a woman in that situation has been an emotional experience for many…

In Arrival, the main female character is the one who learns how to communicate with what is unknown. This is from the blog I wrote on December 6, 2016:

I sat in the theater watching the new movie Arrival with tears streaming down my face. I had been thinking since working on my dissertation about the birth of a new world. I knew it required a new language, but couldn’t seem to get beyond just knowing that, to understanding what it meant. In the movie they said when you immerse yourself in a new language you take on a new world view. The language in the movie was universal and not based in duality.

Arrival’s main character is female and she is the one that learns a new language and takes on an entirely new world view that is not masculine oriented. The starring roles were women in the recent movie Hidden Figures. They were always a part of the American space story, but many of us just didn’t know about them. They played critical roles in space exploration…

Those of us in Depth Psychology are rejoicing. Our founders have been referring to the necessity of reclaiming and revaluing the feminine for many years. Films and stories are indications of what is happening in the collective unconscious. The success of these movies suggests that there may be a deep shift taking place.

In addition to these movies, there is the statue of the defiant little girl on Wall Street that has created quite a controversial stir. This little girl, may be perceived symbolically as the new feminine standing up to patriarchal materialism, the “bull in the china shop,” saying, “Stop!”

We are seeing the feminine in a new light and as an important part of the transformation under way.

I saw signs of this feminine emergence in my own evolving work. In one project I am writing symbolic interpretations of fairy tales. Through this work, I discovered that what had been seen as the passive heroine waiting for the prince, was her taking back her own masculine power. What had been interpreted as the devouring, evil, Negative (Step) Mother (or Witch) was an initiatory Goddess bringing her daughters, or the young feminine in all of us, to consciousness. Her intention wasn’t to kill us, it was, it is, to free us.

This emerging feminine appeared also in my dissertation. I wasn’t expecting it, but was intuitively guided to the Nag Hammadi and the Bible to symbolically interpret the Christian story in a new way. An example was the story of Lot’s wife. I have always heard it said that she was punished for “not listening.” As I re-interpreted the story symbolically, like a dream, through a depth psychological lens, I saw it very differently. She wasn’t punished, but became a powerful woman. A pillar, standing strong and firm on her own. Enlightened. Lot’s wife.

My dissertation research revealed that the feminine that was hidden, misinterpreted, or omitted all together. Let’s just say, I kind of put the powerful feminine back into the story.

We are seeing old stories in a new way, bringing what was hidden out into the open, and revaluing our own feminine as she emerges into consciousness.

I love the symbol of the Statue of Liberty. She stands tall on Staten Island and welcomed immigrants to American shores. She was a gift from the French as they felt a kinship with our revolutionary spirit. They knew and wanted us to remember as well that freedom was not to be found at the point of the sword. Lady Liberty holds her torch aloft, welcoming all as she carries the declaration of independence. The feminine is the way to freedom. We are seeing her rise now.


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