My name is Pamela Alexander and I am passionate involved  with dreams, art, writing, poetry, peace, love, symbolism, the divine masculine and feminine, psyche (soul) and spirituality. I am also keenly interested in hiking, cycling, and nature. I received my PhD in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2016. My Jungian-oriented dissertation was about wholeness and the sacred marriage of Sophia and Jesus.

My spiritual journey began in the mid-nineties when I had a direct encounter with Spirit, the Self, the void, or God. Different traditions refer to the experience with different words, but all of the words point to the same thing. In Jungian psychology the encounter is perceived as an obliteration of the ego when it directly encounters God. A Job-like experience. It was a temporary and highly disturbing event, which I did not understand at the time. It took twenty years to discover the meaning and I am still working to integrate and embody the experience.

Since that direct encounter, I have had the feeling of being guided. Sometimes this has been into uncomfortable situations, but always things worked out in the end.This sense of guidance appeared most clearly during my dissertation. In meditation I was given the topic of divine love, which evolved into the sacred marriage and wholeness. I had a strong feeling that I was part of a movement to bring the divine feminine to consciousness. Not with the idea that the Goddess will save us, but with the belief that we need to find the value in the feminine, in ourselves, in order to move into our fullest human potential. In that way of being all is valued and nothing is rejected.

We appear to be in a period in which a tremendous shift in consciousness is taking place, so that we might live and embody an entirely new vision for the world. The feminine is emerging from the unconscious, personally and collectively. She must be an equal partner to the masculine for union to occur. These are not literal so much as symbolic words.

I perceive the union of the masculine and feminine, or the sacred marriage, as being symbolic of the unification of the soul and spirit, and the realization of wholeness. The soul as the energy that incarnated into this world, was conditioned by those around it to believe it is the ego, or story of “me,” and has essentially forgotten who and what it is. The spirit wants the soul to remember and sets out to awaken the soul to its true essence and eventually to recognize that there isn’t any separation between soul and spirit, because they are One, whole. This has always been true and never wasn’t true, the soul just merely forgot. I write about remembering.

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